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  • Amusement parks

    Amusement parks: GARDALAND (7 km far) CANEVAWORLD E MOVIELAND (8 km far) PARCO NATURA VIVA (15 km far) TERME DI COLA’ (11 km far)

  • Tourist Areas

    The tourist areas are not lacking: PESCHIERA OLD TOWN: pentagonal Austrian fortress, where the Mincio river springs out from the bulwark; AUSTRIAN FORTRESS: there about Peschiera there are “Forte Papa” and “Forte Ardietti”, still in perfect condition; OTHER NEARLY TOWNS ON GARDA SHORES: Sirmione,Desenzano,Lazise,Bardolino, and less that 10 km far from our hotel; IMPORTANT CITIES:…

  • Ferry Boat

    Least but not last is the possibility to take the ferry boat at the Peschiera Port (where you can ask for info): the Ferry Boat makes one day travels around the lake, or shorter journey’s: Peschiera – Sirmione (with a stopover and visit to Lazise): 1h 45 min Peschiera – Desenzano (with a stopover and…

  • Garda

    One of the most picturesque lake. PLACE TO SEE: LE PIEVE DI GARDA, PALAZZO CARLOTTI, VILLA ALBERTINI, PALAZZO FREGOSO, PALAZZO DEI CAPITANI, and finally the wonderful PUNTA SAN VIRGILIO. PARKINGS: Tigli Parkings on Garda front lake.

  • Bardolino

    One of the most appreciated village. PLACE TO SEE: THE CASTLE, SAN ZENO’S CHURCH,SAN SEVERO’S CHURCH. PARKINGS: located outside the city center.

  • Salò

    Placed in a lovely gulf close to S.Bartolomeo, well known for its original vegetation of cypress, olves tree and oleanders. PLACE TO SEE: THE MAGNIFICENT PATRIA PALACE, THE PODESTÀ PALACE AND THE BOTANIC GARDEN. GABRIELE D’ANNUNZIO’S VITTORIALE is not only a house where the poet lived the last years of his life:it’s a proper museum…

  • Desenzano

    Located on the biggest gulf of south Garda, featured of a gorgeous walk along the lake with a beautiful and wide landscape, almost marine. WHAT TO SEE: CASTLE, CATHEDRAL, ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM are close to the centre; deserves to be seen “S. MARTINO TOWER”

  • Sirmione

    Referred to as “The pearl of Garda” for its landscape beauty and natural charm. PLACE TO SEE: CASTELLO SCALIGERO:  one of the best preserved castles in Italy, which encompasses the historic center. SAN PIETRO MAVINO’S CHURCH: oldest church in Sirmione, full of frescoes and sorrounded by olive’s tree. CATULLO’S CAVE: remains of a Roman villa…